Sono is a group of communication agencies.

Our four specialized marketing studios
help companies grow on domestic and
international markets.

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House of Marketing

Products from a simple landing page to directing
large marketing campaigns on multiple markets.

Each studio functions on its own and as a partner in Sono.
With our know-how and craftsmanship we help our clients solve
multi-channel marketing and sales challenges.


In Media



Lead nurturing &
upsell agency. Brand publishing

Marketing strategies, data analysis and research. Branding, naming and visiual identit.

Production of websites, mobile web solutions. UX. Landing pages, microsites, banners.

Media planning,
purchase and management of campaigns. Business development and PR.

Strategy and branding Production Distribution Demand generation
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Plug and Play

No need to look for different agencies or build temporary internal teams.
Connect your business to Sono and take off immediately.

One managment

We’ve built the element of circles into our domain and visual identity. Why? We were inspired by the Japanese management system called keiretsu (circle).

Our “keiretsu” consists of a group of four individual agencies. Each one is an expert in one area of marketing. When these specialists meet, they deliver added value to our solutions.

Business Skills and Craftsmenship First

Being a rockstar is not everything. Our teams understand how the industry works. Our communication brings results because it’s carefully planned. We believe in 100% craftsmenship.

We think it’s best to generate higher profits, not shiny awards in advertising competitions.

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Together we've worked with more than a hundred Slovak and international companies.

Long Term

We often start with small projects, but our cooperation repeatedly turns into a long term partnership with clients.

They outsource a part or complete communication strategy to Sono (for example B2B business segment).

Smart Budget Allocation
at All Times

We get the bigger picture. If we see that a company needs to work on their visual identity or support their sale reps first, we won’t be pushing a pricy YouTube campaign.

Effective allocation of your budget is our priority.

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The Founders

Ján Šifra - Magazine

Ján Šifra

Head and co-founder of Magazine who gets the ball rolling. Excells in communication and marketing strategies and knows exactly what’s the right tone of voice for any audience. Jan brought city bikes back to life again after he opened his bike shop Modrofúz in Bratislava.

Martin Jenča - Milk Studio

Milk Studio
Martin Jenča

Graphic designer and co-founder of creative studio Milk. He lives and works by the motto: "It is better to see once than to hear 100 times." He creates visual identity and helps companies with rebranding. He organizes ByDesign Conference, the first international design conference in Slovakia.

Peter Bolebruch - In Media

In Media
Peter Bolebruch

A perfectionist. He is the founder and director of digital agency InMedia and co-founder of Magazine agency. He creates complex optimized websites with full digital service. His mantra is: Easy solutions are the right solutions.

Peter Csemez - Paravan

Paravan Interactive
Peter Csemez

One of the pioneers of online marketing. The founder and director of Paravan Interactive, his company specializes in online campaign planning and media buying. He holds a Master Degree in Digital Marketing from the prestigious IE University.

Together with the four founders we have more than 30 people working in Sono.


Business development manager Boris Šmotlák